​Bubble Tea Course

Course Introduction


Tea is a common beverage in many countries. However, it is limited to the very usual menu of colonial style red tea blends and green teas from limited producing countries like India, Sri Lanka and Japan, while ignoring the whole spectrum of other types of teas from China and Korea, as well as other minor tea producing countries like Vietnam and Myanmar. Tea menus in local F&B establishments do not diversify much. The reasons for this include lack of knowledge due to inadequate training and misconception that tea is confusing and difficult to understand.

F&B establishments could potentially benefit more from tea by serving specialty teas with a wide spectrum of processing methods and flavours. To achieve this, there is a need to equip F&B operators with the knowledge to serve such teas. This course aims to address these concerns and equip participants with the adequate knowledge on tea awareness and handling.

Course Objective


By the end of the course participants would have learnt the basic knowledge and skills required to understand and brew tea professionally at home and work. Participants would be equipped with the necessary confidence to serve and handle a variety of specialty teas.

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