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[Bubble Tea Course] How to make Coconut Latte & profit


  1. Coconut Milk 150ml ( Canned milk works better )

  2. Coconut Sugar | Brown Sugar - 5-10ml

  3. 2 Ounces brewed espresso or strong pour-over

  4. Ice cubes


  1. Pour a full cup of ice cube

  2. Mix coconut sugar with coconut milk with a mixer

  3. Slowly pour mixture from step 2 into ice prepared in step 1

  4. Pour espresso on top

  5. Optional: add some toasted coconut sprinkles on top to decorate


- The cost for 1 cup of coconut latte varies between USD $1-$1.5 considering accessories cost such as cups, lids and straw

- Most of the shops ( eg. Starbucks ) keeps a 70% margin on top

- Other brands such as Luckin is only keep a < 50% margin as it is their signature drink

Come and learn with us on more related drinks.

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