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How to make Machi 麦吉 Bubble Tea | Cara Membuat Bubble Tea

Below is the official recipe for item number 5 - Black Milk Tea with Panna Cotta

Milk Tea

Milk 300ml

Water 300ml

Black Tea10g

Sugar 15g

Susu 300ml Air 300ml Teh Hitam10g Gula 15g

  1. 300ml water bring to boil

  2. Soak black tea leaves in the water for 15 min

  3. Filter the tea leaves and add sugar to black tea base

  4. Add milk to tea base

Panna Cotta

Milk 200g

Whipped Cream 135g

Sugar 25g

Plain pudding powder 5g

Susu 200g Krim Kocok 135g Gula 25g Bubuk puding polos 5g

  1. 200g Milk bring to boil

  2. Add sugar

  3. Add Whipped cream and mix well

  4. Add pudding powder

  5. Freeze for 4 hours and you are all set

Lastly, you just need a nice cup. put the panna cotta at the bottom and pour milk tea on top.

There you go, enjoy!

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